DarlingJess - Illustrations

freelance digital artist

Tiny Pixels (on bases)

Pixel Icons (50x50 or 100x50)

Pixel Islands (Sizing around 93 x --)

Pixel Page Buddy (Max size of around 250x250)


tiny pixels$3
Pixel icons$20
Pixel islands$25
Pixel page buddy$18
  • When ordering a pixel island, you may choose what the island terrain is and if you want any small additions (graves/trees/etc)

Human/Anthro (Fullbody)

Feral/Other (Fullbody)



Animal Crossing Style

Crayon Sticker Style

Lineless Pieces (Price can vary depending on bg; up to 2 characters)


human/anthro fullbody$65
feral/other fullbody$50
animal crossing style$30
crayon sticker style$20
Lineless piece$70+

  • +$20 = Shading

  • +$25 = Extra character

  • +$4-8 = Simple Background (Solid color/simple shapes/etc)

  • +$25 = Complicated background (only available for lineless atm)

In commissioning me, you are agreeing to my terms laid out here.


  • Before beginning a commission, I will require full payment upfront. If paying with paypal (USD), you must be ready to provide your email as I do invoices.

  • Once payment is accepted and received, there will be no refunds. If I personally find that for whatever reason I cannot complete your commission, then I will provide a full refund.

  • I reserve the right to increase my prices for designs that are highly detailed or out of my comfort level.

  • I will not accept a commission unless you provide a proper character ref that has: No shading or extra lighting on it, full view of design, no watermark, and no textures so that I am able to draw the character accurately and to your liking.

  • I have the right to decline any commission that I am uncomfortable with or find I am not experienced enough to complete.

  • After I begin work on the commission, I will provide you a sketch of the commission for your approval. If no changes are requested then I will begin work on the final product, and unless you request it, I will not provide another WIP until it is finished.

  • After the final product is delivered to you, you are welcome to ask for MINOR alterations to markings or coloration, and I will be more than happy to correct them.

  • Be kind and be patient with me, I want to put my all into the pictures I make, but life does get in the way as does art block. If I take more than a month on a commission, you are free to note me about it and ask for progress updates and such. As long as you are kind to me, I will be kind to you as well, I can assure you I'm a pleasure to work with if you let me.


  • Once you receive the final version of your commission, you are welcome to post it to your TH/charahub/sta.sh, but only those places please. I don’t allow my artwork to be reposted elsewhere (Showing it off on your dA page is fine as well, just do not repost it to your account in order to put it there). If you want to inquire about displaying it elsewhere, feel free to discuss it with me. ( You may post the unwatermarked versions of art or designs to TH and such! )

  • I retain the right to post the commissions I do publicly on my art accounts or within my portfolios.

  • I retain the copyright to my work.

  • I require credit for all the work I do, you may NOT claim to have made the work I do and you may not redistribute or use it as your own work.

  • You are not to make a profit off of or sell my work.

  • You are not to edit or make any changes to my work.

What I will draw

  • Animals/Ferals

  • Anthro/Bipedal Animals

  • Dinos (Such as Paralogos)

  • Most Closed Species

  • Pokemon/Pokemon fusions

  • Nature scenery (oceans/forests/skies/gardens)

Iffy on drawing

  • Fullbody humans/humanoid characters (Not the most skilled at or comfortable with humans, but will still do my best; female body is a preference for drawing humans!)

  • Heavily detailed accessories (Can still do my best! Just not as confident with certain outfits/accessories)

  • More than 2 characters at a time (Im not against it! Posing just gets a bit difficult for me so suggestions are very encouraged)

  • Dragons or anything similar ("Membrane" wings and certain anatomy give me trouble)

  • Bedrooms/houses (Perspective will not be perfect)

What I will not draw

  • NSFW (This includes gore)

  • Characters from video games/comics/shows/etc; I will only draw characters that are owned by you/your friends/whatever, not by companies (The only exception is Pokemon or Animal Crossing, I’m willing to draw from those!)

  • Cities/multiple buildings/etc

  • Cars

Character Design


any feral species$55
pokemon fusion$40
  • If you would like a pokemon fusion design in sticker crayon doodle style, it will only be $25

Group Item Art


Item art$15+
  • Price may vary depending on size or content

commission queue

available slot--
available slot--
available slot--
available slot--
  • more slots may be created in the future depending on demand

commission forms

  • Feel free to send a form to: email ([email protected]) | twitter dm's (ItsDarlingJess) | DeviantART notes (DarlingJess)


Type of commission:
Means of contact: (How would you like me to contact you for updates/approvals/changes? Discord/DMs/Notes/Email?)
How many characters:
No background/Simple background/Complex background: (If this does not apply, leave area blank or delete)
Shading/No shading?: (If this does not apply, leave area blank or delete)
Character Ref(s):
Pose: (If you have a specific pose in mind, let me know here! Explain in detail or provide a ref. If you want to leave it up to me, just say so! Leave area blank or delete if not applicable)
Other: (Put anything else I should know here)


How many designs:
Means of contact: (How would you like me to contact you for updates/approvals/changes? Discord/DMs/Notes/Email?)
Color Palette(s):
Any mutations?: (Will it have horns / wings / extra tails / etc; if a Mothcat, list traits here)
Other: (Put anything else I should know here)


Means of contact: (How would you like me to contact you for updates/approvals/changes? Discord/DMs/Notes/Email?)
Shading/No shading?: (If this does not apply, leave area blank or delete it)
Item Ref(s)/description(s):
Other: (Put anything else I should know here; if you want a size other than 70x70 let me know here)

hello there! I'm Jess, a 24 year old freelance digital artist. I graduated Uni in December 2019 with a bachelors degree in fine arts (with an emphasis in graphic design; dont let that fool you though I only plan on focusing on illustration moving forward with no intentions going back to design).

My pronouns are she/her and I am an asexual lesbian (a Sp[ace] gay, if you will). I enjoy creating art of all sorts of creatures/animals/all things fantasy/etc. I also love gaming and dabble in games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Minecraft, and more!

Likes ♥dislikes ♡
Night/Spaceloud/sudden sounds
Video Gamessudden touch
Dungeons & dragonsdistance
autumn/fallbad brain shenanigans
drawing/paintingabsolute silence